Voter Fraud


It appears that Ilhan Omar’s campaign has been fostering voter fraud in her Minneapolis district in each of the past two primary elections and in the 2018 general election. We have followed the corruption of Ilhan Omar right to her district and been told about fraud schemes that involve her campaign, including paying people to vote and stealing, and then harvesting, thousands of unmarked ballots.

These reports go back as far as 2016 when Ilhan Omar ran for the Minnesota House of Representatives. Reports are that the fraud became widespread during her 2018 election to the US Congress. By the August 11, 2020 primary election, the fraud was systemic and has formed the foundation of Rep Omar’s campaign activities.

Here are just some of the voter fraud schemes that have been observed and documented in Rep Omar’s district:

  • A sophisticated shakedown of voters in the large apartment buildings at both Cedar-Riverside and Horn Towers. Canvassing begins months before the election. Campaign workers use fear of catching COVID-19 and threats of deportation to scare the 7,000 residents of Cedar-Riverside and the residents of Horn Towers, where very high percentages of the Somali people are elderly, illiterate, and don’t speak English, into giving up their personal information. Photos are taken of everyone’s identification cards and the articulated campaign effort catalogs them into a database. The information is later used to request absentee ballots on behalf of the residents, without their knowledge. When the absentee ballots arrive (campaign staff know how many days after requesting the ballots to expect their arrival) in the mail, campaign staffers show up at the mailrooms and at the doors of the residents and proceed to coerce the ballots from them. Coercion tactics include both threats and cash. Upon harvesting of the blank absentee ballots, which no longer require a witness signature due to Democrat Secretary of State Steve Simon’s efforts to remove that requirement, the criminal campaign workers simply vote for their slate of Darod Clan candidates on every ballot, seal the envelope, write and “X” on the voter signature line on the outside of the envelope, and then deposit them into the large, unstaffed, mail-in ballot receptacles located outside of the nearby polling place.

  • Paying people to vote. Voters from the same properties above are organized, utilizing an intricate network of building captains and floor captains, to vote in person. A controlled transportation process, that includes paid campaign workers, is implemented. The campaign’s vans parks outside of a residential building, and workers inside the building escort out the correct number of voters for each van. Voters are checked in on a checklist upon entering the van by the van monitor. The van driver then delivers the voters to the polling place, where they are accompanied inside the polling place and they help people vote. Each voter is checked back into the van after voting. Voters are paid for their efforts, in cash, on the way back to their residential building. Cash paid is as high as $200 per person. Upon arriving at their home, voters are checked back out of the van. The process repeats many times at each building and takes place during each day of the early voting period and during election day.

  • Polling place control by Ilhan Omar’s campaign and illegal behavior within. Engineering of the election judges begins the process. Rep Omar’s endorsing convention delegates are paid by her campaign to apply to the government to be election judges. The Somali workers and English-speaking workers do not communicate, leaving non-Somali-speaking polling place workers completely out of the loop. This enables the election fraud right at the polling place. Ballots are whited out. Polling workers from the campaign accompany voters into the voting booth and “help” them complete their ballot. Campaign workers are ever-present at the polling place, patrolling it regularly, sometimes with intimidating tactics. One man was photographed carrying a large stick (cane) in the polling place. He did not use it for walking.

  • Voters from outside of the district voting. During the 2020 Primary Election, large numbers of voters were again observed, as they were in 2018, being imported into the voting precincts from elsewhere, and voting there. Truck drivers are common people that are called in to help vote, bringing in people from St Cloud, Rochester, and other communities.

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The People of Minnesota and All of America Deserve an HONEST ELECTION. 


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